“A penny saved is a penny earned” – Benjamin Franklin

I am a 20-something stay at home mom to my unbelievably adorable little girl. I have another blog all about the joys of parenting located here –

I have decided to make a blog about the adventures, challenges, and ways of being broke. I’m hoping to cover everything from recipes and cocktails to clothing finds to DIY projects and weddings. Yep, weddings. Well, “A” wedding anyway. Mine.

Currently, I am engaged. We are planning to do a small JOP thing here in Hawaii before we move and then having an actual ceremony/bonfire/reception when we get back to the mainland for our 1st anniversary, and we have about umm zero dollars to spend on it. Dream wedding? Forget it. Not gonna happen. Fortunately, there is this magical website that is called “pinterest” that gave me some really great ideas for DIY projects on a budget. Thank the heavens for all of those that came before me. I appreciate you guys.

In the coming months and years, I will be: planning a wedding, moving across the Pacific Ocean, raising a child, and hopefully buying a home. All of these things cost money. A lot of money. Money that doesn’t just appear out of thin air. I hate money.

All of that aside, there ARE ways to live within your means and still have a fantastic home and lifestyle.

Remember, YOU are responsible for your happiness. You only have so much control of your financial situation, but with a few tips and tricks here and there from me and other bloggers like me, you can surround your world with character, charm, and comfort that all fall into whatever your budget may be.

I for one, am excited.

I have another page dedicated to all of the joys of parenting! Come check it out!

Sweatpants and Sippy Cups


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