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Thrift Store Finds!!!


Went out on a mission to find something to put on the very blank wall above our TV in the living room…..and what I ended up with will not only not work above the TV, but these items don’t have designated homes yet. All that I know is that I got them for a STEAL.


The first photo frame is from Target, but I picked it up at Goodwill for $6 (no idea what the original price is, but I’m guessing around $30)

The second photo frame was $1.99 at Goodwill, I just thought it was fun and will likely have a home one day.

Here, we have a pair of PartyLite wall sconces. I used to sell PartyLite, so I know these puppies aren’t cheap. I’m estimating the catalog price around $40 for the pair.

I paid $4 for the set. WINNING!!!!!!!


Yard Sale Delight


Hola! This post is a follow up to my 10 Tips to a Successful Yard Sale post.

I am so excited about this post, I had such a great morning, EXCEEDED my $200 sales goal, had some delicious beverages, and am so anxious to tell you all about it!

First off, my body did this ridiculous thing and woke up at 2:30 this morning. 2:30. No bueno. I didn’t need to be up until 3:20, but once I was up there was no going back down.

So I woke up, came downstairs to find that my mister had set the coffee pot to go off and left me a super adorable note. He’s so great. Had my coffee and my 20 minutes of free time before getting ready and heading out the door. As I left, my dog gave me a serious, “Are you really going to leave me here alone?” look. It was if I had crushed his soul.


I got to my friends house right at 5am and we were able to set everything up and sit back and relax by 6. We even made a new friend along the way.


This furry friend hung out with us all day. Aside from trying to drink our beverages, she was pretty cool. To be fair though, who wouldn’t want to drink this?


These are delicious, by the way. I’ll have to ask her for her recipe. Hands down, one of the best Bloody Marys that I’ve ever had, and I have more than drank my fair share.

So throughout the day we had several visitors, all of which brought a certain “vibe” to the event. We had:

Woman with stinky armpits vibe
Man that was a borederline sex offender vibe (seriously)
Children that wanted to chase our new cat friend vibe
New Granparents that don’t know how to make change vibe
Pregnant with twin girls new mom vibes

All in all though, it was a good turn out, and almost everything sold. Winner Winner!

There was some definite haggling had throughout the day. I’m pretty sure that we got dwindled down too far, but that’s ok. The point behind this particular sale was less about the money and more about clearing out stuff, oh yeah, and then the money thing. Still hate that stuff.


I will say though, walking away with a pile of it made me feel exceptionally accomplished.

After I got home, my dog was pretty convinced that he almost died without me for a whole morning.

Thanks for reading!

How To: Cut a bottle without shattering it using household items.


Hi folks!

Many of my friends have asked me how I managed to cut a wine bottle without shattering it. I’ve been promising a tutorial for a while, and now that I have this blog up I figure it’s time I kept my word!

I will be doing this a lot over the next few months with the wedding planning, so stay tuned for more pictures! I only have the “after” photo today, but I will add more as I do this more often, and with different size/shaped bottles.

You will need these items:



Cotton Twine (yarn would probably work also)

Acetone Nail Polish Remover (this will NOT work if your nail polish remover doesn’t have acetone in it)

A lighter/matches

220 fine grit sandpaper

A sink full of water

(I also recommend safety glasses and a fire extinguisher………..juuuuuust in case)

If you follow these steps exactly, there should be no hiccups and your bottle should cut just fine.

Step one. Wrap the twine around the widest point of the bottle about 6 or 7 times and tie it off, and cut off any excess ends. You want it to be fairly tight on the bottle, but not so tight that you can’t slide it off somewhat easily.

Fill a small bowl (I just used the cap) with nail polish remover. Slide the twine off of the bottle, keeping the shape, and soak it in the liquid for about 15-20 seconds so that it’s nice and soaked.

Remove the twine from the liquid and slide it back onto the bottle, put it in the spot that you want the bottle to cut at. Wipe bottle with a damp papertowel or washcloth so that you remove any acetone that dripped on it while you were putting the twine back on.

Fill your kitchen sink up with cold water and put your safety glasses on.

Holding the bottle over the sink, with the bottle top down and the bottom of the bottle up, you want to light the twine on fire. This next part is IMPORTANT!!!

While the twine is on fire, it’s important to rotate the bottle so that the twine gets a nice, even burn. Let the twine burn until the flame goes out, this should take a minute or two. Remember, keep rotating the bottle the whole time.

When the flame goes out, submerse the bottle into the cold water. You will hear a “POP” when the glass separates.

Remove from the water, and sand down the edges. (I recommend wearing gloves while doing this) It’s important to use a fine grit sandpaper for this. I used 220 because that’s what I had on hand, but you could use a finer grit if you wanted. Anything too rough and you will damage the glass.

The end result should look like this depending on where you cut your glass –

Wine Bottle - How To

A New Take on Dry Erase


WHY is cute organizational stuff so expensive????


I have such a huge desire to live an organized life, then I go to the store to pick things up and before I know it, my cart total is like $350. Really? That’s so not ideal.

So I took matters into my own hands. I looked around my house for something, anything, any way possible to figure something out. I had seen this thing on Pinterest that used a picture frame and paint samples to make a calendar. I thought that was a super cool idea so I kind of built off of that.

I found a collage frame with 8 4×6 openings for photos. Ok, by “found” I really mean “I had 4 of them on the wall and took one off”. Whatever works, right?

Then I made a quick trip to WalMart to pick up paint samples, while I was there I browsed their clearance and saw tons of Scrapbook paper in all different colors and prints on sale for $3. Score!

I also picked up some scrapbook letters to make the days, but if I had it to do over again, I would have done something different. Oh well, that can be a rainy day project one day.

Here is what I ended up with, I call it my “mom wall”



10 Tips for a Successful Yard Sale



Being broke sucks. You know what really sucks? Having the desire to do things and plan things that you realistically cannot afford. Things like weddings, vacations, trips, Christmas, I could go on and on.

Currently, my two big things are:

1. Buying a large piece of carpet (around 250 square feet) for our living room so that as our 6mo old daughter starts crawling and falling she doesn’t crack her skull on the concrete floors. Seriously, I do not recommend concrete floors.

2. Our wedding.

In that order, actually.

Now, I haven’t done much as far as pricing of the carpet that I need, because I know me. I will start by pricing carpet pieces and then it will turn into a home building fantasy and picking out wall colors to match the beautiful carpet that I just picked out for my dream home that I’m not building any time soon. So, instead what I am doing is having a yard sale.

Missing the connection? I need a sum of money that I don’t want to take out of our regular checking account. Yes, it’s there, but I’d rather not spend it. This doesn’t solve my carpet/concrete/skull fracture dilemma though. So what I did was spent the better part of a week going through my house from top to bottom. I scoured the back corners of closets, went through baby clothes, movies, dishes, linens, you name it, all of it. I packed them all up, and I’m having a yard sale this Saturday. I’m hoping to make around $200, that’s my sweet spot. If I make more than that, I will be SO happy, but $200 is the goal.

Here is what I did.

1. Talked to a girlfriend about hosting it at her house (I will admit, when I asked her, it was because she had mentioned to me a few weeks back that she had some large items that she needed to sell, so I figured it would be easier for me to come to her and we could do a double-sale. She no longer needs to sell those items, but she still offered to host because her neighborhood gets way more traffic. She’s even providing the sweet nectar that is commonly referred to as a “Bloody Mary” for the occasion, as long as I bring the vodka…..step one, find friends like this….or find a heavily trafficked area, but friends are more fun.)

2. Go through everything. If you haven’t worn/used it in 6 months, get rid of it. You could even be generous and go with 1 year. Somehow, over time we accumulate stuff. Stuff takes up room in your home and your life. Stuff = money, and we hate money, remember? Don’t get rid of the stuff that has some deep sentimental value, I’m not heartless. Well, not completely anyway. If you’ve had it since high school, get rid of it. unless of course, you’re IN high school. Are you?

3. Make super obnoxious in your face signs. Really bright, the brighter the better. Use BLACK marker. Write big, bold, thick letters. don’t use a puny sharpie and wonder why people didn’t show up. It’s hard to see and read signs as you’re driving that look like a 4 year old wrote them with mommies eyeliner. Clear, bold, big letters. Include “YARD SALE” the address, the time, and the date. Try to post these signs strategically. I try to post them at all stop signs and traffic lights within 1/4 mile from the sale location. You could go further, but I’m cheap. Going further means more signs. Also, arrows on the signs help, an address is only good if someone knows the area well or has a GPS.

4. When it comes to kitchen stuff, if it doesn’t belong in a set or if you don’t have the whole set, get rid of it. You can buy yourself a new set with the money that you make from the sale.

5. Pack it all up, then spend $20 at WalMart getting signs, markers, price tags and price it all. Now here is the tricky part. You want to price it yard sale prices (CHEAP) but you don’t want to completely lose your tush on it. A good guideline is to charge 5-10% of what you actually paid for it or what it retails for brand new. Obviously some things hold value and some things lose value. Shoes, lose value. Don’t try to sell a $150 pair of shoes for $50 at a yard sale. Nobody will buy them. That stuff is best reserved for eBay.¬†When you price, price things evenly. Don’t use .05, .10, .15 or similar. Keep it simple. .25, .50, .75 – it’s easier to add up in your head, it’s easier to make change from quarters, and it’s easier for shoppers.

6. Make it fun. Most people don’t enjoy hosting yard sales, know what helps with that? Booze. Mimosa, a bloody mary, margaritas, whiskey, whatever, pick your poison.

7. Let them haggle. Lemme tell ya somethin friends, yard salers love to haggle. It makes them feel like they are getting a deal. If their total comes to $28.50, offer it up for $25. They’ll feel good, you’ll make them happy, and they will in turn call fellow yard sale friends up and tell them to come check your sale out. Plus then you don’t have to deal with finding spare dollars and quarters for change.

8. Just deal with it. Early birds come early because they WANT to buy. They want the good stuff. Yes, being outside at 5am on a Saturday morning SUCKS, but you know what doesn’t suck? Walking away with money that you didn’t have when you went outside at 5am.

9. Provide these two things:

Change (seriously, go get change. I like to have about $60 in 5’s and 1’s and like $5 in quarters.

Bags. We all know that you save plastic shopping bags, use them. If you don’t save them, go to the cheapest store in your area and get small trash bags. The cost of a box of them is around $3. Just spend the $3.

10. Probably the MOST important. Oldest trick in the book. CUSTOMER SERVICE. Don’t be a jerk. Be nice, be friendly, be outgoing. You don’t have to have a conversation about your whole life story, and you don’t need to ask about theirs. A simple, “Hi! How y’all doin today? You lookin for anything in particular?” will suffice. If they aren’t looking for anything in particular, smile and say, “Ok, well just let me know if you need anything” then, you have been outgoing and friendly but not pushy. If they ARE looking for something specific and you don’t have it, offer up a suggestion about where they might be able to find one cheap. Suggest local thrift shops and stores, strike up a short conversation about what they are looking for. It keeps them there shopping around, the longer they are there, the more likely they will find something that they think they need.

Of course, some shoppers are just assholes, but don’t stoop to their level. Be nice, after they leave pour yourself another drink.

I will post an update of my sale on Saturday, it might not get posted until Sunday actually. That whole “write drunk, edit sober” thing comes to mind.

Good Luck!!!