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Thrift Store Finds!!!


Went out on a mission to find something to put on the very blank wall above our TV in the living room…..and what I ended up with will not only not work above the TV, but these items don’t have designated homes yet. All that I know is that I got them for a STEAL.


The first photo frame is from Target, but I picked it up at Goodwill for $6 (no idea what the original price is, but I’m guessing around $30)

The second photo frame was $1.99 at Goodwill, I just thought it was fun and will likely have a home one day.

Here, we have a pair of PartyLite wall sconces. I used to sell PartyLite, so I know these puppies aren’t cheap. I’m estimating the catalog price around $40 for the pair.

I paid $4 for the set. WINNING!!!!!!!